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Sunday 20th September 2009
Patrick's wife Lisa has contacted us with news of a Research Fund in Patrick's name. Here is Lisa's message:
"Stanford University is coalescing existing research activities on pancreas cancer to form a Pancreas Cancer Center. This center will expedite application of emerging technologies and the development of molecular targeted therapies all focused on pancreas cancer. Of course, our wonderful Dr. George Fisher is involved with all this and setting up this fund in Patrick's name.
Checks should be made out to:
"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"
& sent to:
Stanford Cancer Center
875 Blake Wilbur Dr.
Palo Alto CA 94304."
Sincere thanks to Lisa for sending us this news and we back the Research Fund with all our support. Please promote the Research Fund if you can.
It is with great sadness that we heard earlier today of the passing of Patrick. Our thoughts and love go out to his wife Lisa and all the family.
Patrick touched millions of people all over the world with his courage and strength he showed during his recent battle with pancreatic cancer. All of us here at the Official Fan Club were honoured to be able to help Patrick and Lisa over many years to pass along messages and news to fans all over the world through this website.
Patrick was truly a gentleman and a gentle man. He cared deeply about so many things and on so many different levels. He loved his craft - acting - and was so proud too of his wife Lisa whom he respected as a director and fellow artist.
Patrick's body of work was wide and varied as all his fans will know. Through his portrayal of all these characters, he has made us laugh or cry. From the "swivelling hipped" Johnny Castle of Dirty Dancing to the tear-jerking Sam Wheat of Ghost to the soul searching Max Lowe of City of Joy and of course to the ultimate Southern Gentleman, Orry Main in North and South.
Patrick and Lisa were soulmates and our hearts go out to Lisa at this difficult time.
Patrick will be greatly missed.
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