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*''Varciani'' ([[Varcijani]]) <ref name="Latobici and Varciani"/>
*''Posenoi'' ([[Poseni]]) <ref>J. J. Wilkes, ''Dalmatia'', Tome 2 of ''History of the Provinces of the Roman Empire'', 1969, pp. 154 and 482.</ref>
*''Japodes'' ([[Japodi]]) <ref>Charles Anthon, ''A Classical Dictionary: Containing The Principal Proper Names Mentioned In Ancient Authors'', Part One, 2005, p. 539: "... Tor, " elevated," " a mountain. (Strabo, 293)"; "the Iapodes (Strabo, 313), a Gallo-Illyrian race occupying the valleys of ..."</ref><ref>J. J. Wilkes, ''The Illyrians'', 1992, ISBN 0631198075, p. 79: "along with the evidence of name formulae, a Venetic element among the Japodes. A group of names identified by Alföldy as of Celtic origin: Ammida, Andes, Iaritus, Matera, Maxa,"</ref> -
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