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:: Saxum 797 [https://tools.wmflabs.org/xtools/pages/index.php?name=Saxum&lang=hr&wiki=wikipedia&namespace=0&redirects=noredirects&getall=1]
:: Zeljko is the most popular user on hr.wiki, ever since he appeared on this project. He is also very respected, because he is the one of pioneers of hr.wiki, regularly present on the project, and the doyen. He is like the eldest brother, father, uncle, grandfather. He earned the title of ''wise Indian chief'' with the reason. [[Suradnik:Kubura|Kubura]] <small>([[Razgovor sa suradnikom:Kubura|razgovor]])</small> 04:57, 16. prosinca 2013. (CET)
==Re: Wheel War - Mario==
Hello Vituzzu. I unblocked user Argo Navis (the wheel war you are asking about) because I strongly believe the block was unjustified and made in order to silence the user, who was asking the "awkward" questions about the checkuser SpeedyGonsales omissions. Argo Navis has for years been used as a bogeyman to frighten "the righteous users" on hr.wiki, and when the chance arose, he was blocked without a proper explanation (Zeljko citing "inactivity" is no reason for a block, let alone a 2-year one). Later user SpeedyGonsales (also the passionary collector of positions at croatian wikipedia, he holds all possible now, I think) added that Argo Navis was blocked for using the word "kaljuža" (swamp) describing the project. Well, over the course of the years I've seen much stronger words being used on this project without even a warning. Probably Argo Navis' choice of words wasn't the best. However, he is not a common vandal, but an user with tens of thousands of constructive edits. The real reason in my opinion is a lingering animosity towards Argo Navis from some admins, namely SpeedyGonsales and Roberta F. They usually don't want to get their hands dirty, and instead are sending admin Zeljko to do the dirty work. I must admit Zeljko is a valuable user to this project, but a mediocre admin at best. You must understand that at croatian wikipedia admins are impeccable, regarded as holy cows, and the best possible example for a ''Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi'' proverb. Any attempt to criticise any of these admins is usually met with deterrence and the user is sometimes described as "vandal", "brute", associated with a "media lynch", even "non-patriotic". [https://hr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Razgovor_sa_suradnikom:Vituzzu&diff=4227603&oldid=4227600 Edit counting is also a popular way to discredit users].
If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. --[[Suradnik:Mario Žamić|Mario Žamić]] <small>([[Razgovor sa suradnikom:Mario Žamić|razgovor]])</small> 09:53, 16. prosinca 2013. (CET)