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→‎Amazona: novi odlomak
(→‎Improvement: novi odlomak)
(→‎Amazona: novi odlomak)
Hi, WikiUser22222. I've properly translated Your text from Your userpage into Croatian. See the remarks in the comment. If You want the old version back, feel free to return it. Greetings from Split, the city with most famous [[torcida]] in Europe. [[Suradnik:Kubura|Kubura]] <small>([[Razgovor sa suradnikom:Kubura|razgovor]])</small> 06:24, 17. ožujka 2016. (CET)
== Amazona ==
In Croatian, that river is called Amazona, not Amazon. [[Suradnik:Kubura|Kubura]] <small>([[Razgovor sa suradnikom:Kubura|razgovor]])</small> 07:58, 17. ožujka 2016. (CET)