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(nova stranica: '''Orientales, la Patria o la Tumba''' je nacionalna himna Urugvaja. To je najduža himna u svijetu, traje 6 minuta.<ref>http://www.national-anthems.org/facts.htm P...)
:Sabremos cumplir!
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:Orientals, [[Uruguay|the Fatherland]] or the grave,
:Liberty or with glory we die!
:Liberty, Liberty, Orientals!
:This cry saved the fatherland
:Which [[Military of Uruguay|her brave warriors]], [[List of wars involving Uruguay|in fierce battles]]
:with sublime enthusiasm fill´d.
:This Holy gift of Glory we have deserved
:[[Spanish Empire|Tyrants]]: Tremble !
:Tyrants: Tremble !
:Tyrants: Tremble ! Ah!
:[[Banda Oriental|The East]] nameless be
:But suddenly his irons chopping
:Given the dogma that [[May Revolution|May]] inspired
:Among free despots fierce
:A bridge saw pit.
:It electrified in martial fire,
:And in his teaching more lively shines
:Of the [[Incas]] the immortal [[God]].
:Long, with various fortunes,
:Inch by inch with blind fury.
:Justice finally overcomes
:Tamed the wrath of [[Monarchy of Spain|a king]];
:And to the world the indomitable Homeland
:Inaugurates teaches law.
:Orientals, look at [[Flag of Uruguay|the flag]],
:Glittering pot of heroism;
:Our spears defend their brightness,
:No one insults the image of [[Sun of May|the sun]]!
:In the civil jurisdiction the enjoyment
:Sustain and faithful Code
:Blind hatred, and black ambition.
:And find that insulting fierce
:The greatness of [[Uruguayan people|the Eastern People]],
:For the enemies, the spear of Mars,
:For the tyrants the dagger of Brutus!