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Hello. I would like to know why you reverted my contributions to Italian cities. What was wrong exactly? Thanks for the reply. --[[Suradnik:Discanto|Discanto]] <small>([[Razgovor sa suradnikom:Discanto|razgovor]])</small> 23:31, 8. svibnja 2019. (CEST)
: I'm desolated. I didn't realize that the category name doesn't match the proper name. I also wanted to sort the category but I didn't know that a certain number of entries are needed. The wrong categories must then be erased: Do you do it or do I do it? --[[Suradnik:Discanto|Discanto]] <small>([[Razgovor sa suradnikom:Discanto|razgovor]])</small> 00:39, 9. svibnja 2019. (CEST)