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Oznaka: isporuka masovne poruke
Oznaka: isporuka masovne poruke
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== The 2022 Community Wishlist Survey will happen in January ==
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Hello everyone,
We hope all of you are as well and safe as possible during these trying times! We wanted to share some news about a change to the Community Wishlist Survey 2022. We would like to hear your opinions as well.
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We will be running the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Community Wishlist Survey|Community Wishlist Survey]] 2022 in January 2022. We need more time to work on the 2021 wishes. We also need time to prepare some changes to the Wishlist 2022. In the meantime, you can use a [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Community Wishlist Survey/Sandbox|dedicated sandbox to leave early ideas for the 2022 wishes]].
=== Proposing and wish-fulfillment will happen during the same year ===
In the past, the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Community Tech|Community Tech]] team has run the Community Wishlist Survey for the following year in November of the prior year. For example, we ran the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Community Wishlist Survey 2021|Wishlist for 2021]] in November 2020. That worked well a few years ago. At that time, we used to start working on the Wishlist soon after the results of the voting were published.
However, in 2021, there was a delay between the voting and the time when we could start working on the new wishes. Until July 2021, we were working on wishes from the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Community Wishlist Survey 2020|Wishlist for 2020]].
We hope having the Wishlist 2022 in January 2022 will be more intuitive. This will also give us time to fulfill more wishes from the 2021 Wishlist.
=== Encouraging wider participation from historically excluded communities ===
We are thinking how to make the Wishlist easier to participate in. We want to support more translations, and encourage under-resourced communities to be more active. We would like to have some time to make these changes.
=== A new space to talk to us about priorities and wishes not granted yet ===
We will have gone 365 days without a Wishlist. We encourage you to approach us. We hope to hear from you in the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Talk:Community Wishlist Survey|talk page]], but we also hope to see you at our bi-monthly Talk to Us meetings! These will be hosted at two different times friendly to time zones around the globe.
We will begin our first meeting '''September 15th at 23:00 UTC'''. More details about the agenda and format coming soon!
=== Brainstorm and draft proposals before the proposal phase ===
If you have early ideas for wishes, you can use the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Community Wishlist Survey/Sandbox|new Community Wishlist Survey sandbox]]. This way, you will not forget about these before January 2022. You will be able to come back and refine your ideas. Remember, edits in the sandbox don't count as wishes!
=== Feedback ===
* What should we do to improve the Wishlist pages?
* How would you like to use our new [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Community Wishlist Survey/Sandbox|sandbox?]]
* What, if any, risks do you foresee in our decision to change the date of the Wishlist 2022?
* What will help more people participate in the Wishlist 2022?
Answer on the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Talk:Community Wishlist Survey|talk page]] (in any language you prefer) or at our Talk to Us meetings.
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