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The discussion vote about the licenses for Abstract content and Function Implementations

“Event”:The discussion vote about the licences for Abstract content and Function Implementations
When:Until 2021-12-15 09:59:59 UTC guaranteed.
Links:Discussion voteConceptConcept as the practical example
The vote questions
What Licence
Abstract content CC-BY-SA vs CC0? Or anothers?
Function Implementations Apache vs GPL? Or anothers?

✍️ Dušan Kreheľ (razgovor) 18:24, 13. prosinca 2021. (CET)Odgovor

Wiki Loves Folklore is back!


Molimo Vas, pomozite prevođenju na Vaš jezik


You are humbly invited to participate in the Wiki Loves Folklore 2022 an international photography contest organized on Wikimedia Commons to document folklore and intangible cultural heritage from different regions, including, folk creative activities and many more. It is held every year from the 1st till the 28th of February.

You can help in enriching the folklore documentation on Commons from your region by taking photos, audios, videos, and submitting them in this commons contest.

You can also organize a local contest in your country and support us in translating the project pages to help us spread the word in your native language.

Feel free to contact us on our project Talk page if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,

Wiki loves Folklore International Team

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In need of help for an alleged Croatian antipope


I think I have found a case of en:WP:CITOGENESIS at en:Conclavism.
Basically, someone added in 2008 that the Croatian Mirko Krav Fabris was the first Conclavist antipope and was elected antipope in 1978. However, the user provided no source for this claim at the time. A 2012 reliable source contains the information that "The first antipope to be elected by [Conclavism] was Mirko Krav Fabis, in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1978." However, I found nothing on this Mirko Krav Fabris/Fabis. For the full context, see en:Talk:Conclavism#Pope Krav?.
I do not speak Croatian, so I ask the WP hr community for some help. Do you have any information which would confirm this person became an antipope, even jokingly, in 1978? If not, then I think we can safely assume we have a citogenesis incident. Veverve (razgovor) 04:54, 11. siječnja 2022. (CET)Odgovor

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Dear community members,

Greetings from the EWOC Newsletter team and the education team at Wikimedia Foundation. We are very excited to share that we on tenth years of Education Newsletter (This Month in Education) invite you to join us by subscribing to the newsletter on your talk page or by sharing your activities in the upcoming newsletters. The Wikimedia Education newsletter is a monthly newsletter that collects articles written by community members using Wikimedia projects in education around the world, and it is published by the EWOC Newsletter team in collaboration with the Education team. These stories can bring you new ideas to try, valuable insights about the success and challenges of our community members in running education programs in their context.

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Global ban for PlanespotterA320/RespectCE


Per the Global bans policy, I'm informing the project of this request for comment: m:Requests for comment/Global ban for PlanespotterA320 (2) about banning a member from your community. Thank you.--Lemonaka (talk) 21:40, 6 February 2023 (UTC)