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Would you please verify whether "template:Razdvojba1" is a disambig template too and add it to this system message. — Prethodni nepotpisani komentar napisao je Xqt (razgovordoprinosi) 16:42, 23. lipnja 2012.‎

That template IS disambig template. But it is actually the same as our template Razdvojba (disambig), there is nowhere description or definition of it's purpose so it seems that we will soon remove it out of the existence. If not, I'll add it to this system message. SpeedyGonsales 20:34, 24. lipnja 2012. (CEST)
Could you please add this template? The template still exists and causes big problems because disambig pages are not regonised as those. Removing this template again after it is replaced can be done easily. Merlissimo (razgovor) 21:47, 9. kolovoza 2012. (CEST)
As my and other bots have really big problems and there is not counter-argument for not (temporary) adding this template, i'll add it (i have global editprotected right). In between nearly all interwikis were removed to these disambig pages by interwikibots (langlinks from non disambig to disambig are mostly not allowed). Because of wikidata many people are readding these langlinks and i don't think that removing them again caused by this missing config entry does make any sense. Merlissimo (razgovor) 00:58, 24. prosinca 2012. (CET)
"Template:Razdvojba1" is deleted, both template page and all occurrences are changed to simple {{razdvojba}}. SpeedyGonsales 11:21, 25. prosinca 2012. (CET)
Thanks a lot. Merlissimo (razgovor) 02:01, 27. prosinca 2012. (CET)
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