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{{Big Brother endgame
| bg_color     =
| text_color   =
| italic title = 
| hmpage       = 
| imeserije    = 
| sezona       = 
| prijašnja    = 
| sljedeća     = 
| image        = 
| imagebg      = 
| početak      =
| kraj         =
| web_stranica =
| sada         =

The code to the left of this text should be copied and pasted to an article where it is needed. This template is designed for seasons of Big Brother that have ended. For current seasons, please use {{Big Brother housemates}}.

What is written after each "=" affects what is displayed on an article when it is viewed.

The name of the Big Brother series should be typed here and linked to the relevant article, i.e. [[Big Brother (Australia)|Big Brother Australia]].
The number of the season should be put here, i.e. 2001, or Series 1 (2001).
The title of the Wikipedia article of the preceding series.
The title of the Wikipedia article of the following series.
The season's logo should go here. The image name should be typed here, e.g. BB06.JPG. Images are automatically sized to 137px.
A background colour for the image can be defined here, but should only be used if the image has a solid background colour.
If the particular series refers to the contestants in the House as something other than housemates, the term can be specified here.

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