Predložak:Lokacijska karta+/doc

{{Lokacijska karta+
|locname  (selected from various "Template:Location_map_<locname>")
|border     = color of the border or none
|alt        = alt text for map (see WP:ALT)
|caption    = caption to display beneath map
|float      = left or right or center or none,
              for alignment of map on page
|width      = width of map image displayed
|AlternativeMap = Alternative map file name (changes background map;
         edge coordinates are determined based on the map name);
         this is only recommended for use in templates
|overlay_image = Slika koja će se prikazivati preko originalne karte (superponat)
|places     = List of templates {{Lokacijska karta točka ...}}, one for each
              marker/label to be shown on the map (see Example below).