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  Welcome to Wikipedia. If You wish to run a bot, please:

1.) Read the bot-related rules here.
2.) Make a new request for bot here.

--Bugoslav (razgovor) 01:40, 8. srpnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]

Already done, thanks. -Avicennasis (SWMT) 01:44, 8. srpnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]
Your request has not been granted, yet. Furthermore, Hrwiki is not a SW. You should wait for your request to be solved. Regards, -- Bugoslav (razgovor) 01:49, 8. srpnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]
The sig has nothing to do with the bot. Secondly, the very page you linked to says: "Should make 20-30 test editions (less then 1 edit per minute) after the application is lodged on the proper page (this one only for interwiki bots)" If you'll notice, AvicBot is an Interwiki bot, and does not yet have those 20-30 edits. I am merely trying to follow the directions as I understand them. If I'm misreading something, please enlighten me. :-) Thanks, -Avicennasis (SWMT) 02:37, 8. srpnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]
And now he does. :-) So I'll stop until the bot is flagged, now. -Avicennasis (SWMT) 02:57, 8. srpnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]