I believe that hr.wikipedia.org is not a small wikipedia, and therefore is not under the auspices of SWMT. Your revert are appreciated but you also leave stuff behind, possibly because of level of knowledge of croatian language.

Also, your edits are not autopatrolled, and as such leave red exclamation marks which are then tiresom to track (+ mark them as "removed" and your edits as "patrolled").

There wouldn't be much a difference even if you would become a global-rollbacker, because even in such a case, Your actions would make it difficult for the next person who would check after you, and to be put in the position to do the job less efficiently, because of local use of the button [rollback] (wikipedija:uklonitelji).

Thanks for the understanding. Yours truly, -- Nesmir Kudilovič (razgovor) 22,15; 13. ožujka 2017. (SEV)

Nesmir Kudilovič I understand greetings --Samuele2002 (razgovor) 17:52, 14. ožujka 2017. (CET)