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Welcome, again! Maestro Ivanković 18:28, 1. ožujka 2016. (CET)

Don't speak Croatian? Post {{Suradnik hr-0}} on your user and/or here on talk page.


[1] Action is all right, Your intention is OK, but You should have waited until the Project Energetics is over. That's why we have a notice at the top of the article - all other users are asked not to edit that article as long as that notice is present. Kubura (razgovor) 04:14, 20. prosinca 2016. (CET)

Possible cross-wiki vandalUredi

Hi, HakanIST. We have a vandal that is active these days on hr.wiki. Recognisable edit pattern is removing of content, cursing in the summaries, "vindictive" messages in summaries, insulting messages towards Islam, Arabs, Jews. Messages are mostly in poor Croatian language, than in something Polish-like and Arab-like languages.
He created a lot of sockpuppets these days.
It is possible that he is also active on some other wikis under other names or IP's. Kubura (razgovor) 10:56, 4. ožujka 2017. (CET)

You removed [2] few of his edits, but he is (very) active on many accounts. Approximately from 8 - 22. Kubura (razgovor) 11:00, 4. ožujka 2017. (CET)

Hello User:Kubura, can you list usernames that you found out? My search didn't result more information.--HakanIST (razgovor) 11:13, 4. ožujka 2017. (CET)
Here is a list [3]. As I find more accounts, I will add them there. Kubura (razgovor) 11:15, 4. ožujka 2017. (CET)
Here're some of his typical messages in the edit summaries.[4][5][6][7][8] As You see, the vandal is active online. Kubura (razgovor) 11:25, 4. ožujka 2017. (CET)
Some more of his typical messages in the summaries: "ja vas zajebi za vaše uklanjanja mojih izmjen od leta 2000 v vrh" [9] + improper (in indecent conditions) use of Muslim greetings. Kubura (razgovor) 11:30, 4. ožujka 2017. (CET)
Hello, accounts mentioned here and the link you gave doesn't appear to be active crosswiki.Local checkusers may handle the issue.--HakanIST (razgovor) 17:45, 5. ožujka 2017. (CET)